What it’s all about: The Basics of the Precision Club Bidding System
by O. K. Johnson

The Precision Club bidding system was invented in the 1960s by C. C. Wei of Taiwan.  The original objective of the system was to help the Taiwanese national team compete against expert bridge players from around the world.  It was very successful.  After the initial successes of the Taiwanese team, many bridge players adopted the system.

Precision Club is a system designed to help bridge partners better describe their hands to one another.  But, the system does require a good understanding of the system by both members of a partnership.  It is a system that can be very rewarding if the players learn and practice the bidding conventions on a regular basis.

The author, O. K. Johnson, and his wife, Karen, have played the Precision Club system since the 1970s.  Even though they have limited their tournament play to just a few times per year, they have both achieved Bronze Life Master status in the American Contract Bridge League.

In the series of articles, he will cover, among other things, the following topics:

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